JKMON The new smart predictive analysis tool suite is here



What is the JKMON tool suite?

JKMON is a collection of modules that provide a System Performance Monitoring & Analysis Solution

• Continuously collects ALL system & application performance metrics (including response time) from all projects & environments
• Notifies of performance SLA breaches
• Shows relationships between response times and all system and application measures
• Projects future utilisations, saturation and performance SLA breach points
• Extremely lightweight collection & utilises thin client interface (browser)

• Readily isolate cause of performance issues
• Achieve ‘Early Performance Testing’
• Collects from all Tiers and platforms to central repository
• Identify capacity issues prior to Production Incident
• Identify response time degradation introduction within SDLC or over time
• Minimal system overhead
• Easy UI for all stakeholders with High Level & Drill-Down Detail views
• Can integrate with any existing client monitoring systems

For more information on JKMON – contact us at http://www.jkvine.com

Software Performance Management

This has become my favorite topic of late, and it is becoming more and more evident to me that less people know about this set of disciplines than should. It seems that a large number of IT people claim to be experts in some area of IT after just 1 or 2 years of experience. Let me just state that I do not claim to be an expert in any area of IT, even after being performance testing for 23 years. I learn something new each day and I often learn from other people the most. There are no experts, just people with varying degrees of knowledge, who decide to specialize in a particular area or discipline (Specialists).

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