Simple Python Clipboard RegEX Parser

Here is some Python code which will manipulate data copied to your clipboard. Just CRTL-C your data, run this Python script with your REGEX manipulators and paste back to the target. I leveraged this concept from Tim Koopmans (thanks Tim), but did a python implementation rather than perl.
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Connection to JMS Queue with LoadRunner and OC4J

My memory is not the best. Recently I had to write a quick Loadrunner script to connect to a JMS queue, using the OC4J Oracle containers for J2EE libraries. A simple task that caused me a little grief due to some quirky configuration details. Well I have posted some quick tips here – so next time I do this I will remember what I did.

The following was done utilising LoadRuner v11.00.0.0 Here we go:-
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Rapid Performance Test Plan Template

My all time favorite test plan, you can call it Agile, Rapid or just plain simple. Sometimes you don’t have time to write all the required doco required to support a test, or you just need to run some very quick and straightforward tests.

I have used this rapid performance test plan template at a number of sites and it has satisfied all involved personnel, and it is only 1.5 pages long! Enjoy this one.

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